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Studying and Learning facilities

Facilities for income generation

The total land area of SMC is about 1,050 ha, of which 1,030 ha are farm land and 20 ha are for other infrastructures. The farm has a total area of 1,030 ha of which 450 ha are suitable for cultivation of cereals, 550 ha for grazing and 30 ha for horticultural purposes.

The different operational units of the farm are:

  • Dairy (Capacity 200 Animals);
  • Piggery (Capacity 1,500);
  • Poultry (Capacity 4,000),
  • Feed Mill with 4 small silos @ 15 tons storage Capacity;
  • Grain Silos 6 units @ with a storage Capacity of 175 tons;
  • Workshop and Garage;
  • Horticultura unit; and two Warehouses

The campus has a Furniture Factory “The Vuyisile Min Furniture Factory” (VMFF) located in an area of 7.6 ha of land.