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Studying and Learning facilities

The Future of SMC.

 The fact that political freedom has been won, SMC will continue to be a Freedom college where students will continue to learn how to fight and win freedom from ignorance, poverty and diseases by effectively utilizing the Academic facilities, the farm and the hospital. SMC will continue to be a symbol of Solidarity between the people of the Republic of South Africa and the United Republic of Tanzania and to all the people who showed solidarity to the South African Freedom Fighters, some of whom are laid to rest at the Memorial grave yard at SMC, “The Heroes Acre”.

With increase in the number of students and degree programs, SMC is looking into the possibility of transforming it into a University Collage of Sokoine Univeristy of Agriculture. With such expansion, it is anticipated to devote itself full to offering education based programs; among other mandates with the aim of bridging a big gap in Science based teachers in the country.