GRILI project conducts its annual general meeting 2021

Stakeholders of the Green Resources Innovations for Livelihood Improvement (GRILI) Project have met for their annual general meeting to discuss the progress of the project in line with the results of various studies conducted by the students funded by the project at PhD and Masters level. The meeting is taking place in Njombe Tanzania 

GRILI project Annual general meeting 2021 1

Opening the meeting, the main researcher of the project, Dr. Faith Mabiki said the conference this year is being held in the absence of other key stakeholders of the project from abroad due to the challenge of COVID-19 disease but they will participate through the internet.


“This meeting is very important for us but also our students who are doing their research through this project that is why our colleagues from various countries who could not come we will share with them online all the time and will be able to contribute their ideas to student research presentations'' Explained Dr. Mabiki.

Immediately after the opening remarks, Prof. Robinson Mdegela began by teaching the students how to write scientific publications and other important techniques that will help them to better record the results of their research so that they can be easily understood by various stakeholders who focus on those studies so that they can be useful.

GRILI project Annual general meeting 2021 2

Prof. Mdegela urged them to ensure that they adhere to the ethics of the writing of scientific publications, including refraining from writing false information that they have not done true and sufficient research and thus misleading the community and the target audience of such studies.

"One can write one thing but everyone understands the same thing differently so you must try to make sure what you write gives the same meaning and not cause confusion in people's interpretations on that matter," said Prof. Mdegela.

He added: "If there is a big war going on now it is a war of access to information. This is a very important thing to consider because we have seen so many examples of war and quarrels among researchers and researchers and students in accessing information so take note of that ”He insisted.

GRILI project Annual general meeting 2021 3

Speaking immediately after the presentation of Prof. Mdegela, one of the PhD students under the GRILI project, Frank Rwegoshora thanked the project for organizing the program and the training that now helps them to better write scientific publications for their research.

GRILI project Annual general meeting 2021 4